Lady Carolina Website

Alby and his team wanted to launch their redesigned restaurant and exciting new brand – Lady Carolina. The direction of the website had to be contemporary, functionally appropriate and service a variety of platforms.┬áThe challenge was to create a platform that would stand out from the crowd in an oversaturated market of mediocre restaurant websites.

Working with Alby and his team of knowledgeable industry experts, we assessed the currently food and beverage landscape online. After establishing key functions that the best restaurants used on their websites, we noticed that many websites only used only a few essential features and rarely in combination. We developed a platform for the Lady Carolina website that used the best features of all of these websites in tandem.

After launching, the Lady Carolina website saw 900% growth from the month prior to launch. This has remained consistent in the months after launch, with Lady Carolina confirming that over 95% of bookings to the restaurant arrive via the website booking function.